Venue Specs


The only production staff for your show will be one house audio tech and the production manager. Loaders or any other additional personnel can be provided per advance/budget.

Please advance all tech with:

Standing Capacity: 299
Mostly Seated Capacity: 250
Fully Seated Capacity: 175

Sound limit: 98db A Weighting 


    • 4 EAW KF650z 3-way mains, powered by Crown XTI amps
    • 4 EAW SB1000zr, powered by 2 Crown Macrotech 5000 amps (run from AUX)
    • Ashly Protea 4.24c processors
    • 2 EAW JF80 fills, matrixed from processor, powered by Crown K2
    • additional JF80 bar fill send from FOH for quiet shows
  • FOH
    • Midas M32
    • Wi-Fi Router for iPad control
    • 48-channel snake, with transformer-isolated split for recording or monitor desk
    • Installed Cat5e Ethernet run for digital snakes
    • Note: monitors are run from FOH
    • A digital console & monitor engineer can be rented in (per advance)
    • 2 EAW SM84 wedges, bi-amped with Crown Macrotech
    • 4 EAW micro wedge 12s, bi-amped with Labgruppen PLM 5K44
    • FBT PSR212 drum top, EAW FR 250z drum sub, powered by Crown K1/K2
    • Additional powered EV wedges available upon request
    • 6 Shure SM 58
    • 5 Shure Beta 58
    • 4 Shure Beta 57
    • 6 Shure SM 57
    • Pair of Shure SM81 condensers
    • Shure Beta 52 kick mic
    • Shure Beta 91A kick mic
    • Pair of Sennheiser 904 tom mics
    • Pair of Sennheiser MD421
    • Pair of Sennheiser 906 guitar mics
    • Audix D1 tom mic with Audix drum mount
    • Pair of Audix D2 tom mics with Audix drum mount
    • Audix D6 kick mic
    • 3 Audix SCX1 condensers
    • AKG D112 kick mic
    • Pair of Ear Trumpet Edwina large-diaphragm condensers
    • 4 Radial JDI mono passive DI
    • 2 Radial mono ProDI
    • Pair of Radial Pro D2 stereo passive DI
    • 4 Radial J48 active mono DI
    • Assorted K&M microphone stands, 2 LP claws
    • 2 Technics SL1200 MKIII
    • No in-house mixer, needles or Serato
    • Gallien Krueger Fusion 550 Head


NOTE: There is no dedicated Lighting Designer, but the house audio tech can accommodate simple requests. If lighting is important to you, we can hire in an LD as an additional show expense. Please advance any lighting with

    • Our lighting power (separate from audio power) has 4 guest 20a circuits. If you are carrying a distro, we have a dedicated 100 amp, 3 phase electrical service is available with 5’ Camlock tails, located upstage right
    • Elation CompuShow Lighting Software running on Asus laptop with MIDIcon controller
    • 16 Legacy PAR 56, on 4 Chauvet DMX-4 dimmers
  • LED
    • 8 ea. Mega-Lite Baby Q-70 (4 as front wash, 4 sidestage L/R wash)
    • 11 ea. Elation VersaBar 270 – RBG uplights
    • 4 Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 – Moving Head Spot 50watt (2 per side)
    • Pair of Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D (1 per side)
    • Panasonic PT-EW530U WXGA 4500 Lumen LCD Projector
    • Interface is via HDMI, Thunderbolt -> HDMI adapter, or VGA at FOH.
    • By advance request, we can hang a house screen, 6.5’ x 11.5’, either upstage for projection or downstage for movie showings
    • By advance request, a ~36” mirror ball can be flown in the center of the room, with 3 ceiling-mounted pin spots. The projector and mirror ball cannot be used at the same time.

The stage is approximately trapezoidal
Width: 25′ at the widest point, narrows 22′ at the downstage edge
Depth: ~15″ at the deepest point, center stage
Height (stage to ceiling): 9’
Stage Height (off of the ground): 2′ 7″
Upstage pipe for lights, screens, backdrops, and banners: 9′ 6″ above the stage, runs 16′ wide
Risers are not permitted due to the low stage clearance

We have 3 options:
Stereo L/R line-level board feed (XLR)
Multi-track via M32 USB
Individual channels from the transformer-isolated split on our snake (direct off of the microphones, so mic preamps for all channels are required)
Please email to discuss recording well in advance of the show.
All recording is subject to band/engineer approval.

Doug Fir Green Room