ADA Accessibility


We do not have any dedicated parking or a parking lot but we are surrounded by ample street parking on all sides, as well as having valet parking available via the hotel next door. 

Jump the Line

Yes, disabled patrons are allowed in first, please simply reach out to the security at the entrance to the establishment. 

Security will allow access to disabled folks as long as they arrive just before doors open up for a given show. We will ensure that you are escorted down ahead of the crowd. 


Yes, there are stairs, but there’s an alternate entrance without stairs, which security would be happy to escort you through. 

The upstairs bar and restaurant are accessible without stairs. We have stairs leading into the venue but security team members will escort anyone with disabilities around the building, and into the venue space. There is an ADA-accessible restrooms along the way that security will point out for use.

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area?

Yes, there’s an accessible seating area as well as a specific area designated for wheelchairs.

We have accessible seating at our bartop, on the floor and also along the side of the main floor space, right in front of the DJ booth by the stage. This specific area has been designated for wheelchairs and has direct sight of the stage. 

Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons

We do not have accommodations on a regular basis, however we have and continue to host ASL interpreters at request of artists.


Yes, there’s an accessible ADA bathroom outside of the venue that security will point out and if necessary, escort the guests to.